Waiting List

Waiting List

During the enrollment period, NECP enrolls an eligible student, who submits an application within this period, unless the number of applications exceeds the capacity of a program, class, grade level, or building.  If the number of applications exceeds the number of available spaces, North Carolina Charter School Law requires the school to hold a lottery to set the priority for filling vacant seats for the next school year.

NECP lottery procedures comply with the NC Open Meetings Laws provided in G.S. 143- 218.10(a) by publicizing the date and location of the meeting as well as allowing anyone to attend.

The names of all applicants are entered into the lottery by grade level and are numbered as each name is drawn,  After the number of available seats in a grade level is filled, the lottery drawing continues until all names are drawn to determine the order of a waiting list.  There are special provisions for granting priority for enrolling brothers and sisters of a student selected through the lottery.

 As openings become available at the grade level, students will be offered admission in the order of their lottery number.  If an applicant decide NOT to enroll at North East Carolina Prep School, the applicant is removed from the list and the parents of the next child on the waiting list for that grade will be notified immediately.

After completing the lottery process that establishes the priority for enrollment, North East Carolina Prep School offers a specified and reasonable time frame in which the accepted applicant must reply to NECP to confirm or decline the acceptance and continue in the enrollment process.

For questions about the NECP Enrollment Lottery, contact the Registrar at: