What makes academics at NECP extraordinary?

  1.  Back to basics.  We emphasize small class size, strong parental support and the exploration and use of innovative teaching methods as the hallmarks of our school.
  2. Advanced technological competency.  All students and faculty have opportunities to become knowledgeable and fluent in the use of a variety of wireless digital resources that are used in an inquiry-based curriculum geared to individualization and learner-centered teaching.
  3. Community involvement.  Parents or guardians of each student and members of the community are important contributors to the complete learning of any young person. NECP offers community members the opportunity to help teachers expand the curriculum by presenting their knowledge and experiences  to students in the classroom.
  4. Experiential learning.  NECP provides students many opportunities to experience what they study through hands-on activities.  For example, a student will learn how to write by writing about his/her thoughts;  about a plant by growing one;  a math process by applying it in a real life situation; and about an historical event by visiting the site where the event occurred.
  5. Critical thinking skills.   NECP helps students develop their critical thinking skills by teaching them to reason, analyze, and reach conclusions.  They are taught to ask sound, open-ended questions and to communicate and present their thoughts in a clear manner.


NECP School Profile

NECP North Carolina School Report Card 2015-2016 (English)

NECP North Carolina School Report Card 2015-2016 (Spanish)