North East Carolina Prep School believes in “the extras”- Extra time devoted to individual student learning, extra effort to help them excel beyond the classroom and extra opportunities to allow them to discover the extraordinary people they already are.

It is time for our annual Board of Directors election. Board members’ terms are for three years, each year beginning July 1 and ending June 30. There are two openings on the Board this year. The Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring the school is academically successful, fulfills its role as a full-service community school, and remains loyal to the terms of the Charter as approved by the State of North Carolina.  The Board is composed of 7 voting members with staggered terms.

The Board of Directors abides by the general standards of conduct of a Board as prescribed by N.C.G.S. 558-A-30, including but not limited to acting in good faith, with the care of an ordinary prudent person in a like position exercised under similar circumstances and in a manner each director reasonably believes to be in the best interest of Northeast Carolina Prep School. The Board is subject to the Open Meetings Laws enacted by the North Carolina General Assembly.  In addition, the Board follows the by-laws, policies, and procedures established by the Board.

The Board meets in open session for regular business on the first Monday of each month at 7:00 pm.


Interested persons should submit an application and a brief resume to the Executive Director’s office by 12:00 pm on June 22nd, by the following method: Please deliver in a sealed envelope to:


North East Carolina Prep School

274 Husky Trail

Tarboro, NC 27886


Applications can be downloaded by visiting www. http://necprepschool.com/board.


Thank you for your help.



North East Carolina Prep is excited to announce that Thomas Schuck has been selected as its next Executive Director. Schuck comes to NECP with over 20 years of educational experience. While Schuck started working in the traditional public school system, the majority of his education experience has been within the Charter School environment. His experience ranges from Core Knowledge curriculum charter schools all the way to a Title 1 and “At-risk” schools. Schuck’s distinguished career includes being named the 2004 State of Texas Tobacco Free Teacher of the Year. He was also a presenter at the National Science Teachers Association Annual Conference. After a successful career in the classroom, he decided to make the leap of faith and go into school administration. He quickly became an Assistant Principal and then Head of School at Colorado Springs Charter Academy. Within 2 years as Head of School, he was able to take the school to the next level by both increasing student achievement in the classroom as well as the school’s overall enrollment. There, Schuck was responsible for adding a state of the art Science lab on the school campus, along with doing a major renovation in which a Middle School building. He designed several successful programs which the school PTO ran. The school went from a C- school in state academic achievement ratings to an A school in academic ratings in just over 2 years. Parent involvement and student achievement was at the core of his success in providing the best possible education for all students.

Most recently, Schuck comes to NECP from a large Charter School Education Management Organization operator in which he was the Director of School Performance. He had the responsibility of directing 14 different 9-12 high schools located in 3 states and was charged with increasing student performance, as well as, increasing the overall graduation rate of high school “drop out recovery schools”.

Over the past 20 years, Schuck has been involved in many different areas of education. This ranges from being involved in Junior Achievement, the National Charter School movement dating back to the late 1990’s, being directly involved in several civic causes, a mentor, a team leader, a curriculum trainer and national science teacher trainer. He is an active board member of several different organizations, including his own family foundation, called “Parents Challenge”. Being on the Board of Directors within Parents Challenge has given him another unique perspective on how much is needed to improve the public education system nationwide. Parents Challenge provides scholarships in the form of tuition assistance, tutoring, transportation or even home computers to assist in the success of a student’s education. This enables underprivileged children in their local community to have the opportunity to go and attend the school of their choice through the use of parent empowerment.

Prior to his career in education, Schuck spent 12 years working in the private sector. He started working for the Denver Nuggets NBA team, worked in the Cable Television industry, and then built his own Advertising business. Schuck earned his Bachelor of Arts in Communications from University of Colorado – Boulder and his Master of Arts in Education – Administration and Supervision from the University of Phoenix.

Schuck’s personal life consists of his wife Christine, and their wonderful children and grandchildren. His favorite sports are tennis, hockey, running, basketball, skiing and of course football.

Dr. Jeffery Alejandro

Board Member

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