North East Carolina Prep School believes in “the extras”- Extra time devoted to individual student learning, extra effort to help them excel beyond the classroom and extra opportunities to allow them to discover the extraordinary people they already are.


NECP is currently accepting proposals for complete fire protection services; including, but not limited to, fire protection systems will be tested, inspected, and maintained according to NFPA Standards, local and state AHJs, and to our unique requirements.

Fire Protection Request for Proposal

11/6 –  Junior Class Rings Representative presentation to Junior.

11/9 – Main Event Candy Man reward day.

11/10 – Early Release. Elementary 11:45 Upper School 12:00

Schedule your parent/teacher conference from 2-7

11/16 – Junior Class Rings Sales. Orders will be taken during A & B lunch and in Elementary Cafe at 3:15.

11/18 – Junior Parent Night with ECU Representative 6 pm in Elementary Cafe.

2015-2016 Calendar Update 7.21.15

A Message from our Executive Director,

Executive Director, Miles Brite

Executive Director,
Miles Brite

Welcome!  North East Carolina Prep (NECP) is focused on teaching and presenting information through unique teaching methods and the use of Kagan strategies to engage students of all learning styles. We view education as a joint venture between parents and schools with each doing their part. Parents provide a safe nurturing home environment that prepares children for learning. A school and its employees provide these precious children with the knowledge and skills to help them become successful in life.  The faculty and staff at NECP are committed to providing each student with an exceptional academic experience.

Please explore our website and learn about the benefits of attending NECP. You’ll find lots of great information about our curriculum, the unique approach to education, and much more. Please give us a call to arrange a tour. We would love to show you around!


Miles Brite